Papay Gyro Nights 2012 has began

The Papay Gyro Nights 2012‘s began with the fire lit procession, from Beltane to the Old Pier. We were honour to have our artist in residencies – Genetic Moo as fire torches leaders to lead us march down the way. While Armando Seijo was waiting for us with a headtorch by the shore, ready to document the special event with his paint and brushes.

After we’ve opened the festival with video Regin smiður / Regin the Blacksmith by Katrin Ottarsdóttir, a short video about a forgotten Western European chain dance which has only survived as a live tradition in the Faroe Islands.

Together with book presentation – from portrait to self-portrait by Antonio Nodar, who’ve been taking B&W portraits of artists, and giving them a duplicated print of their portrait on which to create their self-portrait for nearly 20 years.

Regin smiður / Regin the Blacksmith 5min, 2003, by Katrin Ottarsdóttir

from portrait to self-portrait... Vol 1, by Antonio Nodar

On another side of the Kelp Store we continued showing a performative video series – Transfiguration by Olivier de Sagazan. de Sagazan builds layers of clay and paint onto his own face and body to transform, disfigure and take apart his own figure, revealing an animalistic human who is seeking to break away from the physical world. At once disquieting and deeply moving, this new body of work collapses the boundaries between the physical, intellectual, spiritual and animalistic senses.

TRANSFIGURATION by Olivier de Sagazan

Probably worth mentioning, at the opening some experimental foods were served – “SUPER GYRO in ANGER” selection, all were specially design and super HOT!!! amongst all, the super HOT HOT HOT KimChi and Bloody Mary were definitely unforgettable.

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