Papay Gyro Nights 2012: FESTIVAL EXCHANGE

NOVA (Northern Video Art Network)

Northern Video Art Network , NOVA is a new web-based platform for artists working with video-, media art and experimental cinema to show and promote their works and to post current info of their screenings and exhibitions. You can search the contents of NOVA by artist, title, keyword or country and view works and info the participating artists have uploaded/posted on the site.
NOVA first opens with artists from Finland, Iceland and Sweden. In spring 2012 artists from Norway and Denmark will be included.NOVA is a FixC cooperative (Finland) project made in collaboration with 700IS (Iceland) and Formverk (art zone) (Sweden). NOVA is a not for profit -project which is built utilizing open source applications.

selection curated by

Juha van Ingen (FixC cooperative – Finland),
Kristín Scheving (700IS – Iceland) and
Niclas Hallberg (Formverk (art zone) – Sweden)


Gun Holmström: NORDIC MOSH (Finland)
Sini Pelkki: PASSAGE(Finland)
Erkka Nissinen: RIGID REGIME(Finland)
Þórður Grímsson: WL/DW – Portrait Anna (Iceland)
Kristín Scheving: GARNAFLÆKJA (Iceland)
Dodda Maggý: HITRA (Iceland)
Una Lorenzen: PRANAM (Iceland)
Magnús Árnason: IRRITATION (Iceland)
Elísabet Brynhildardóttir &
Selma Hreggviðsdóttir: TANKUR (Iceland)
Gustaf Broms: CYANOHEAD (Sweden)
Petra Lindholm: NO END (Sweden)
Stina Pehrsdotter: URGING ABSENCE  (Sweden)
Anders Weberg: DUALISM (Sweden)

Location: Kelp Store

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