Papay Gyro Nights 2012: SITE-SPECIFIC CINEMA #2



Location: Kelp Store, St Boniface

Kelp Store; a former kelp processing store

Video Installation:

The Madrigal of the Explosion of the Wise Whale,

4 screen video installation. 2010

by Filippos Tsitsopoulos


The Madrigal of the Explosion of the Wise Whale by Filippos Tsitsopoulos


@ St Boniface

The madrigal of the explosion of the wise whale videos is a video monologue that is presented with four “actors performing projectors” and we can describe it as Video theatre installation.
The figure with the ears and the crabs start the function, and so begins as your indicated text.
The actor’s is the artist himself.
Is quite innovative because he film himself performing and record monologues that becomes dialogues due to the two screens projections, creating Video theatre.
The Madrigal of the Explosion of the Wise Whale holds the idea that art can be created from a fictional reality and try to build this reality afterwards in a second level of understanding, creates the “lamentations of a daily poetic life”, modern theatrical lamentations, dealing with paradox, Madrigal is not a Modern form of song but it can be modern and as an art fort can be translated to theatre, to “Home Domestic Theatre of the Daily Life”, when quotidian life is transformed to Tragedy.

more info. please click here

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