Papay Gyro Nights 2012: THE NAUTILUS AND THE NAUTILOID by Genetic Moo

interactive video project

Nautilus was created by Genetic Moo during their artists in residency. The artwork is programmed to record one frame per minute, this video plays them back at 1 frame per second.

Star Maker was a science fiction novel written by Olaf Stapledon in 1937 which described the history of the entire universe and the fantastical alien species and civilizations that live in the future. One species called the Nautiloids evolved their snail like bodies into interstellar rowing boats and sailing ships. Our work consists of two elements:

An interactive video installation where the audience activates coloured particles which accumulate into the shell of a digital Nautilus. Over the course of the festival the shell records the Island’s activity. Whatever its colour, the grotesque Nautilus will continue to scavenge for food.

With the help of the Islanders we will build a three dimensional boat shaped spiral surface in latex, string and wood. This will act as the screen for a carousel projector. The slides will also be made from found Island materials.

We’re interested in the breadth of evolutionary development, the spirals of imagination and the slow accretion of detail. The work attempts to mine a rich seam between the physical and digital realms.

for more info. please click here

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