23-29 March 2012: PAPAY GYRO NIGHTS ART FESTIVAL selecton will be presented at 700IS an experimental film and video festival in Iceland   Papay Gyro Nights

programme is curated by
Ivanov + Chan


Tom Løberg (Norway)

body.move; video installation
DVD A: 6 min 46 sec. DVD B: 6 min 7 sec.
DVD A and DVD B are set up for loop playing. The DVDs have different lenghts, and the action of the two films are not ment to match but to shift throughout the screening.
“body.move” is based on the video taped performances of the 1960 – and 70s, not done in front of an audience, but for the camera in a studio, where so many early video works were conceived.

Genetic Moo (UK)

Mother; ever changing video (non interactive variation), 2009, 8’
Mother presents a swirling mass of ever-changing entrails. It consists of closeups of body parts and also animal, sealife and plant material. Mother is contemplative work. It works best projected large onto the floor

Wu Junyong (China)
winner of Knap o Howar Arts Prize 2011 issued by people of Papay

Cloud’s nightmare; Animation 2010, 8’30
an ancient technique of shadow theatre and digital manipulation creates surreal, Bosch-like landscape of unfolding stories watched from far away watch tower through binoculars lenses

Chiara Ambrosio (UK)

music: Michael Nyman
an exploration into ideas of memory, loss and illusion: attempt to translate the intricate and erratic language (and logic) of dreams into moving images and narrative.

German Britch (Argentina)

Blue Cryptic, 2010, 0’44”
Window and Wind
2010, 1’04”
The idea is after the image, if it did the opposite, it would be a builder of allegories.
Any description which makes about the videos, it would be misleading, because with the image, each video is representing itself.

Thomas Rummelhoff (Norway)

BRAIN BOX, 2010, 8’18”
Brainbox is a video incorporating live action and animation, creating a string of scenes in which the spectator encounters various characters and events in haunting spaces. The juxtaposition of ambiguous scenes intends to trigger a creative thought process, encouraging the spectator to interpret and elaborate on the narrative.

Zoe Walker & Neil Bromwich (UK)

Dancing Border
digital video, single screen version, 2010, 8’00”
Working in response to the context of Berwick-upon-Tweed, Northumberland specifically its dark history of Battle, conflict, Siege and Defence. Artists and dancers have joined with the public to re-embody these contested lands with new histories of openness and procreation. The film also alludes to a kind of futuristic ritual with pollination at the focus of human survival.


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