BONFIRE Open International Architectural Idea Competition

Papay Gyro Nights Art Festival and island Papa Westray (Papay) are proud to announce First Open International Architectural Competition “BONFIRE” – grassroots celebration of an ancient tradition of Bonfires and new ideas in architecture.

Daniel Holguin
Glenn Fulk 

Eva Franch
Stefan Roeschert
Molly Heintz

read more about our Judges

Submission Deadline: 12 December 2012


Some say the world will end in celestial fire, consummating a cycle of genesis and ruin, which will reveal its potential toward the end of our days. But just as a flame can lick at a leaf of paper, smoldering ash will always result.

This most volatile and dynamic force of nature we’ve attempted to tame, even harness the power of fire, and corral its irreversible tendency towards chaos. Its unstable kinetic energy unites us and simultaneously tears us apart.

In societies throughout man’s history, fire has attained a mythic status. Fire is analogous to politics and our understanding of the tenuous ties that bind societies through economics, religion, the environment or science. The Arab Spring provided the impetus for the rebirth of dormant societal structures, sprung forth from an act of incendiary protest. The self- immolation of a Tunisian vendor led to the awakening of nations in consequence toppling their governments, and promoted political consciousness amongst the people of nations throughout the globe against their supposed leaders. From the Burning of Judas to the Yule, Beltane, Johnsmas and Hallowmas bonfires, we continue to revisit the mythologies and rituals that revolve around a flame. …read more

ENTRY FEE and Donation

There is no Entry Fee, but cash donations from participants and supporters towards Jackpot Prize are recommended.

Donate via PayPal,
or by cheque written to “Papay Gyro Nights Art Festival Ltd” marked “BONFIRE”

To register and more information please visit

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