PAPAY GYRO NIGHTS 2014 featured: Ryo Ikeshiro

Ryo Ikeshiro Papa Westray Orkney

Ryo Ikeshiro: CONSTRUCTION IN KNEADING /live/ @ Papay Gyro Nights 2014 Art Festival. Orkney
Construction in Kneading is a live audiovisualisation of a Mandelbox fractal, one of several recent multi-dimensional fractals inspired by the famous Mandelbrot set. The recursion formula upon which the escape-time fractal is based is similar to that of the so-called Baker Map and resembles the actions of kneading dough in bread making. Through this relatively simple process carried out in three dimensions and controlled through the real-time manipulation of the variables, complex patterns arise from which all the audio and the visuals are generated. It is implemented in the programming environment Max/MSP/Jitter… Read more….

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