@ Opening! Papay Gyro Nights 2014

Wu Junyong: THOUSANDS OF MOON.[/caption]

9 screens, 5 technicians, 1 derelict barn, NO electricity.

9 full moon was up, plus one more up on the sky, TOTAL 10 moons


“1000 years of the Battle of Clontarf – one of many seasonal ventures of then Orcadians swapping plough for a sword and turning fishing boat into battleship easily. 1000 years ago Gyro Nights were regular Festival in Papay. 1000 years ago the island Papa Westray had 100 nausts – boat shelters scattered along the shore, with a boats ready to go in all directions for fish, for trade, for love, for fight: the plain of journeys, like grass covering the island with no trees, spreading into the sea. in 1000 years 1000 roots were shrunk into 1 line of the road cutting the island from South to North. 1 pier. 1 boat. 1 plane. movement of inhabitants organised by timetables occasionally blown away by the weather – the last not tamed yet element of the place
100 years of another war –
The last time Gyro Nights Festival in Papay celebrated about 100 years ago.
10 years. decade. one backward. one forward. about present time. bringing back Gyro from dead. learning magic. rebuilding all 100 nausts. preparing for new Clontarf”

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