Papay Gyro Nights Artist in Residency: Rikke Benborg


Setting up the space


1st Shooting

updated 24/08/2014st Shooting

updated 24/08/2014


Rikke BenborgPapay Gyro Nights Artist in Residency Papey Listskjul / Papay Arts Centre, Orkney
For the last two years we were proud to present artists’ works at Papay Gyro Nights Festivals and now very happy to see Rikke Benborg in Papa Westray

Rikke Benborg is a visual artist living in Copenhagen, working in the field of film and video. Her work deals with notions of perception, the logic of dreams and the vastness of the unconscious mind. Attracted to everything that appears out of the ordinary, she relates her work to both a filmic and a theatrical tradition. She constructs space and narrative through investigations of the tableaux and the dramaturgy of form.

During her stay on Papa Westray she will be making costumes celebrating the beautiful, the grotesque and the mythical, as well as exploring solitude and transformation. She will start a film log documenting experiments with the natural elements, and reflections on the physical and geographical environment – ideas and records, which at the same time will serve as visual starting points for future projects.

— at Papey Listskjul / Papay Arts Centre



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