Introduction of PGN 2015

“…Become like water my friend.” – Bruce Lee

“Smooth space is filled by events or haecceities, far more than by formed and perceived things. It is a space of affects, more than one of properties. It is haptic rather than optical perception. Whereas in striated forms organize a matter, in the smooth materials signal forces and serve as symptoms for them. It is an intensive rather than extensive space, one of distances, not of measures and properties.” – Gilles Deleuze. The Smooth and the Striated

“Orkney storytellers used to describe with exquisite imaginary the town of Finfolkaheem at the bottom of the sea.” – Ernest W. Marwick. The Folklore of Orkney and Shetland

“…our island home is doomed. In a few short ages the lobster and
crab will crawl on our cold hearthstones; whales and fishes will disport above where our chimney tops now reach; seaweeds and limpets will grow on our gravestones, and our graves will be nowhere. But our dust will be safe in that most glorious of all sepulchers – the mighty ocean – on which “time writes no wrinkle” – Denisson. 1893 address to the Orkney Natural History Society

OCEAN, as a theme, is not a limitation, but an opportunity to desolve boarders and bondaries, to”become like water”, to submerge a rigid landmass, to look at OCEAN as a way of action, philosophical paradigm, world of folklore, post-human ecology, or as a mass of water

to be continued..
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